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Renowned Economist and Presidential Aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Mohammed Hayatudeen has vowed to tackle the national insecurity chanllenges with deserving seriouness so as to put Nigeria back to the path of peace and glory.

The former Group Managing Director of New NIgerian Development Company, NNDC stated this on Thursday while meeting the Ogun State Peoples Democratic Party Delegates at the Party Secretariat, Abeokuta, to canvass for their votes ahead of the Party’sPresidential Primary slated for May 28 and 29..

He said ” At no time in the the history of the country, since the colonial time have you ever seen the type of colossal tragedy that we are seeing today? Nigeria people woke up in the morning feeling hungry, hopeless, feeling despondent, feeling insecure, the economy is actually falling apart right in our faces”

Going down memory lane, Hayatudeen said the country was a prosperous country where people and their livelihood are secured , only for 30 or 35 years later everything going down to the abyss,. He described as self inflicted what the country is going country and said he is prepared for the office to offer succour to Nigerians and innovative solutions to the chanllenges.

” I offer your love, empathy, I feel what you feel, I am some one in tune with with what you are going through, the need to help neighbor, a helping hand to those who are weak. I am an economist, I know how to fix things, in NNDC I was able to do it”

” I will provide social security; a society founded on good values, discipline,good work ethics, honesty and sincerity good health care and decent environment, NIgeria ,blessed with oil and gas, is today struggling after 50 years of the discovery, we will fix and delved on Climate change and ensure its security.

” As President, we must be able to set sight on tomorrow chanllenges, I assure you I will deal with issue of national security, I will do all these and much more to put Nigeria to the paths of peace and glory, not only for this generation but many genertion to come

“I ve served and served with commitment and dedication and learn from elders and leaders in this country”. He concluded.

Also speaking at the party’s secretariat in Abeokuta, the Ogun State PDP Chairman, Sikirulai Ogundele said the ruling All Progressives Congress has woefully failed the nation. 
He said even in the case of the striking university lecturers, the party has failed totally, noting that if they could not succeed on a minute segment of the national issue, how could they hope to turn the nation around. 
Ogundele appealled to Nigerians not to return the party to governance as that could mean continued hunger, insecurity, banditry and all sorts of problems now bedevillng Nigeria

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