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Hon.Kehinde Olaniyi Akinde

A Peoples Democratic Party Stakeholder, Hon.Kehinde Akinde has warned that the party should forget about winning in the 2023 elections in Ogun State if certain steps are not taken to address the situation.

Akinde, who is from the ijoun Ward 10, in Yewa North Local Government Area of the state gave this warning on Sunday, at a Press Conference held in Abeokuta, the state capital.

Speaking on the current situation of the party towards the Primaries in the state, Akinde bemoaned that the One- sided structure state of PDP in Ogun may spell doom and a repeat of the 2019 Governorship election may resurface.

According to him” The structure of the PDP in Ogun is One- Sided and in the hands of a group, while the other group seems helpless”

whiile relating the recently Wards and national delegates elections held by the party in the 20 Local Government, the PDP chieftain, used the analogy of the right and left groups. He pointed out that “the right group is holding onto the state’s party structures without allowing the left group to have any share”

” Let me speak briefly about our Governorship aspirants in PDP, all our governship aspirants are noble men, highly qualified to be a Governor. I will start with Hon.Ladi Adebutu, a perfect gentleman, he has invested so much into the party, but I pity him because the structure he created himself has frozen him up,to the level that he might not even win his ward in the next 2023 Governorship poll, if he is chosen or otherwise

” Then Chief Segun Showunmi is the youngest among them, very gentleman who works with his mind and loves his people with passion. What I have noticed in Segun Showunmi is that, he didn’t work deep within the grassroots of the party which he needs to improve on, if he actually wants to get there

“Then, Alhaji Jimi Lawal, I have not met him before, even the structure created by the right group, they do say alot about the man that he is a gentleman capable of being a Governor. I don’t know him in person, I only see his pictures”..

AKinde, who also delved on the outcomes of the last delegates election at the Wards level which he said he participated at his Ijoun Ward, in which all the groups agreed to share the three delegate slots, disclosed that to his chagrin, when the results came out” I couldn’t see any of my group members there, So I chanllenged it, and I was told” the names have gone to Abuja, and that there is nothing they can do about it”.

On National delegates election which he contested for, Akinde revealed that he was told that he cannot win the ticket by a governship aspirant he is working for as the system is bastardized and he cannot win with the structure as his name (Akinde) has been sent to Abuja.,

While describing his fear against the background of the coming primary in the Ogun PDP, Akinde said” I don’t know what they want to use for the Primary, the structure is one sided that is what I perceived. I have been with them for more than a year now”.

“Now, they said statutory delegates, can they use only statutory for delegates? 99 percent of the statutory have been in APC now, majority of them are trying to come back into PDP fold but the structure is so constricted and it is difficult for them to come. So you cannot use statutory, if you look at at who are these people in my local government”

” I said that 99 percent of the statutory we are to use are now in the ruling party, definitely statutory delegates cannot be used for the party primaries

“Party Politics in Yewa North, the current right group have about 5,000 members, while we have more than 10000 APC members waiting to defect to PDP. They are APC members who have been telling me that they want to come to PDP, but which side? But I told them to come now, They are confused. They are not comfortable with their party, APC, but the structure is not allowing free movement. We have more than 10000 of them. I still see the PDP as the best Party in Nigeria. Why do I say that ?I have worked with the progressives, my late father was a progressive. I have been to the folds. I know what happened. I ve been to Accord, to SDP, ACN and then to ADC recently before ADC divided and I said I am not going to APC, it is better for me to remain a Democrat, PDP.”

Akinde, while proffering solutions to the party’s problems said that” the dissolution of the present structure from Ward level to state level, formation of Caretaker Committee to be divided equally among the right and left groups and setting up of an emergency reconciliatory committee to be chaired by an honest leaders that are many in the party, that cannot be lured by money or whatever, also advised the two groups thus ” the new right group to hold on to the party structure, I don’t know how they are going to do it, If they ate going to form a caretaker, they should invite new members and work with unity, so that the masses won’t suffer.The masses are suffering because of this two fighting.

” And the left group, I would advise them to work by whatever means the national body chooses to settle the problems but if they want to they can opt out and form their ghost party and be there so that the people can practice freely the work of politics and our people won’t suffer” he concluded.

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