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By Adesina

SIA Trekking along Lantoro Hospital road on Eid day

The presence of the former Ogun state governor, and the serving Senator representing Ogun Central Senatorial district of Ogun state at the Upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Ikleel  Ibikunle Amosun at the Lantoro Eid ground alongside the Nigeria High Commissioner to United Kingdom, Ambassador Sarafa Isola, was  described by an on looker as that of a man having a date with history.Not knowing that one of those standing beside him at the Eid ground was a journalist, the man said, “,Eni t’Olorun to da tan l’Amosun. B’oti fi bi ere bi ere di governor wa ni yen’.The man was looking at the former governor where he was to pray and continued talking, eulogizing him on his performance while he was the governor of the state where he was seated.While my attention was not originally at the Egba man as he was speaking, the moment he said, uhm, action governor, no non sense governor, Ajiri Omo oye, then virtually every one on that axis looked at him as he continued to soliloquy loudly, recounting how, the three friends, OGD, SIA and Abiodun all became governor.The man Ibikunle Amosun is no doubt could be on the line for another date with history.The former governor’s  present travails on the hand of the incumbent was likened to those events preceding his emerge as the governor of Ogun state in 2011 when the then administration of OGD was at logger head with him then as a serving Senator of the same Ogun Central Senatorial district when the sitting governor then Otunba Gbenga Daniel told him then that “Kunle Agbara Gomina pooo,” Senator Amosun went on then to win the election into the Oke Mosan governor seat.The current travails of the man with dates with history could be likened as the current governor and those in his camp were already jubilating that they had wrestled the Ogun state  APC structure from him. One of the Governor Dapo Abiodun supporter had even said Amosun foot soldiers were already returning to Governor Dapo Abiodun’s camp to beg him to return to the fold citing the recent switch of former Health Commissioner, Dr. Ipaye and Senator Lekan Mustapha among others.The swiftest answer from one of the Senator Amosun’s men was “Eyi o Wu a wi, ti Oluwa lase” which was Senator Amosun’s slogan during the dark days of his efforts to assume the leadership of Ogun state.Another great indication of Senator Ibikunle Amosun of an appointment for a date with history was his triumphant entrance to and exit from the Eid ground on Monday.With the announcement of the arrival of Our former governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun on the microphone, the Eid ground turned carnival like.Though the representative of the state government were on the seat, little attention was paid to them, as dignitaries continue to move to the former governor’s seat to take pictures with him. The cold shoulder shown to the Governor Abiodun’s Chief of Staff Alhaji Salis Shuaib by Senator Amosun did not also help matter after the then DCOS now COS stretched his hand to shake the former governor which those on ground reported was not honoured by the sitting senator of the federal republic.Sometimes ago before Senator Amosun was elected as the governor in 2011, it was reported that he was then invited to the Elewera state police headquarters when he refused to be taken there on a vehicle. It was reported that he decided to trek to the place with his supporters which the then sitting governor was reported to have given the term “illegal trekking”.In 2022, Senator Amosun repeated the same “illegal trekking” shortly after the Eid prayer, the former governor on greeting and taking photographs with the Chief Imam decided to leave the Eid ground possibly having an engagement or deliberately evading contest issue with representatives of the government.On stepping out, it suffice to say he left the Eid ground with the entire congregation.

Stepping out, the Eid was emptied while the Chief of Staff to the governor, Alhaji Salis Shuaib had to address the few alfas, the elderly that could not match the speed of trailing the former governor and the media men that wanted to get the government message to the people on the occasion.

    Senator Ibikunle Amosun who again decided to walk on getting out of the Eid ground was seen walking through the Lantoro hospital road with the Muslim faithful who continue to show that the former governor had impacted them positively.The walk could be likened to another ” provocative walk or “illegal trekking” as one may wish to address it, as it could be seen.Another good message that Senator Ibikunle Amosun could be considered as having a date with history was his middle name, Omolaja.While the contest continue between the APC leader and his former appointee, another school of thought posited that the pendulum may swing to favour the Egba man to settle the rift that might exist as a result of the contest.Which ever way, it is evident that the man, Ibikunle Oluwatoyin Ikleel Omolaja Amosun had honoured his date with destiny of returning as the Senator representing Ogun Central Senatorial district, he has also fulfilled the date with contest for the soul of the party on Ogun state.It should also be noted that he had also answered the date with him being vilified by the sitting governor with many speculation of him being pushed out of the party.The Senator on the Eid day also fulfilled the date with “illegal trekking” in Abeokuta.

    It is however our hope, believe in God and destiny that the man will also fulfilled, honour and Keep the date with destiny of being sworn in as the President and commander in chief of the Armed forces of the Federal republic of Nigeria having walked the same path before 2011.  

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