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BELIEVERS have again been encouraged not to let their strengths fail in the days of adversity.

This advise was given by the Global Lead Pastor of The Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega during one of the ministry’s services which was monitored online.

The United Kingdom based minister said the battles of life come at believers to make them surrender their weapon which is the word of God.

“All challenges characterises the introduction of God to our destined portion in life which is the dominion mandate. It takes resilience, therefore to press through to that reality. There is nothing that you want that you can’t find. You’re just not looking for it enough.”

He advised on the need to break out of limited thinking and embrace our individual callings, as that is a way of fulfilling divine mandates and leaving a mark on the sands of time.

“Your calling may be to show us what banking is supposed to look like, and to break the siege of little-minded and retrogressive banking. At a particular point in your life, you’re going to have the opportunity to solve a problem that is peculiar.”

According to PT, that opportunity may come in form of adversity which God actually uses to beckon to the qualities of strength in us so that we release them for solutions.

He said people cannot know their strengths if there is no battle in their lives. Citing the example of angel Michael, he explained that we would not have known the ability of one of rhe most popular angels ans his ability as a warrior if the Bible had not announced that there was war in heaven.

“God allows problems because he wants to introduce someone who still may be sleeping. He, however, wants to introduce them to a part of that person that they have not seen. He is calling like he called Adam from the earth.”

“He calls people from smallness to extraordinary lives so that they can manifest everything they have ever prayed for. And that’s the point where this person is dragged down by all manner of thoughts, agitations, and distractions.”

The Pastor who has been at the forefront of championing wealth for believers added that God calls man from an ordinary into extraordinary life because there is a purpose. He challenged all and sundry to see to the fulfillment of that purpose by putting their absolute trust in God.

“This is not about relying on your intelligence or self-confidence. It is about relying on Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

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