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The fragile peace being enjoyed at the DS Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori, may soon snowball into a complete anarchy over allegations of witch-hunting, flagrant disobedience to government directives, maladministration and sleaze levelled against the Acting Rector of the Institution, Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji.

Findings revealed that the Ag Rector, Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji, got to the position of leadership when the former Substantive Rector, Professor Femi Fatade handed over to him as directed by the Ministry of Education Science and Technology.

A source who craved anonymity, said he was not the most senior academic staff, but grace just smiled on him’.

He was alleged to have however refused to allow Mrs Lateefat Abdul Salaam, a Deputy Registrar and the most Senior Registry Staff in the Polytechnic to act in that capacity at the exit of Mr Bayo Ogundimu, the former Registrar, who handed over the headship of the Registry to her as directed by the Ministry.

Despite the directive of the Ogun State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, that he should cooperate with the Ag Registrar, claimed the source, the Ag.Rector has bluntly refused to do so, making use of the Establishment Officer to sign all letters, including letters of appointment and other correspondences an aberration in the Public Service.

Speaking on the disobedience of the Acting Rector, the source added, the impunity and flagrant disregard for the directive of the Ministry by Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji got to its height when he unlawfully issued a Suspension Letter Without Pay to a Registry Staff because the Officer obeyed a lawful directive from the Ag. Registrar.

Furthermore, he directed the Chief Security Officer of the Polytechnic to prevent the Officer in question from gaining entrance into the Polytechnic and his office be sealed.

As an internal person who should feel the pains and agonies of the generality staff and ensure prompt payment of salaries and renumerations, Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji on the other hand, derives joy in delaying the payment of salaries, refused to remit pension deductions and continues to siphon the Institution’s fund via unexecuted projects for which funds were released.

On the corruption allegations, investigations also revealed tha he built a self contained apartment for himself within six months of becoming the Ag. Rector, and converted the building to the Polytechnic’s NYSC lodge with double payment compared to the former accommodation which was owned by a Community Leader in the town.

Giving fillip to the allegations, another source added that the position of the Rector is expected to be occupied by a teaching staff who has gained promotion to the status of a Chief Lecturer, with years of experience in the academic field.

Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji on the other hand is still a Principal Lecturer, but grace smiled upon him and he became the Ag. Rector with the hope that he will hold forth for three or four months pending the time a Substantive Rector will be appointed by the government.

“Unfortunately, the continuous stay in office and the refusal of the government to give the Institution a befitting Rector has given Mr Kehinde Job Olatunji the opportunity to perpetrate gross maladministration and has thus plunged the entire staff of the Polytechnic into untold hardship.”.

On what has been the efforts of the ASUP on the matters, our Reporter found out that the Union efforts have not achieved any tangible resolutions as the source revealed that nothing much has been or could be achieved. The source explained that this is so because the current Chairman of the Union has aligned with the Ag. Rector. Same is said to hold sway with other Unions on Campus.

The source hinted further that the Acting Rector has suspended the Academic Board of the Polytechnic , the highest body regulating academic matters and replaced it with a Committee of Deans and Heads of Departments.

when contacted for clarifications, the acting rector, said ” I am sorry, I would have love to meet you in person and I would lhave been able to let you know…. It is not that I am denying your efforts at anything at all. I am not suppose to grant any interview to any press man or journalist and there is a letter to that effect to from the state government, execept that I get the permission of the supervising ministry

” where I am, I am in acting capacity, that is why I am only being careful to talk to people when it comes to issues like this, I don’t even know vwhat you want to raise, but of true of the matter is that I am not suppose to grant interview”.

when told that the issues have to do with the institution and its handlling by him and his acting rectorship, he answered ” The handling? It is still the same thing. Let us be mindful of our we use words Maladministration? If what We are doing here is pleasing to the Ministry, I don’t know what you are referring to as maladministration. like I told you sir, I want to seriously appreciate your call, thank you sir” he concluded as he switched off the phone .

Varied opinions gathered by Newslife are of the view that the appointment of a Substantive Rector and constitution of a Governing Council by the Ogun State Government for the Institution will nip the looming anarchy in the bud.

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