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… Pretends to settle dispute between the victim and her boyfriend

Ife-Oluwa, a 22 year old lady, was called on phone by a lady who identified herself as a friend of her boyfriend. The caller had asked Ife to meet her somewhere at Leme Abeokuta. Ifeoluwa told a friend at her Obantoko shop that she was scared and that she didn’t know most places in Abeokuta. The friend advised her not to go if she was feeling uneasy but she insisted on going because she had a dispute with her boyfriend and was hoping the woman who called did so in order to settle the dispute.

She eventually arrived Leme Abeokuta and that was the last day she was seen. Unknown to her, the woman who called and described the location to her was allegedly working in collaboration with her boyfriend. It was gathered that the woman’s husband is an herbalist.

Other tenants at the couple’s rented apartment, knowns as Abanise’s house in Leme, Abeokuta started perceiving some ugly odour from the couple’s room which raised their suspicion but the couple were not at home to confirm. When the couple eventually came back late on Friday, around 11pm and they opened their room, it was discovered that the head, hands and intestine of Ifeoluwa have been removed while the remaining part of the body was tucked in a container in their room.

The Baale of Leme recalled during the interview that a dismembered body of an unknown person was found tucked in a Ghana-must- go bag in swamp area in the Leme area of Abeokuta about a week ago; He added that afer reporting the unfortunate discovery to the Police, Environmental Officers came took pictures and went away with the headlless body to bury it.

The Baale of the community while also fielding questions from a Radio broadcaster, Moruf Adegboyega, said the couple have been handed over to the police while the remains of Ifeoluwa has been deposited in a mortuary .

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