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More about the sacked Nigerian born Hon. Minister and Attorney General of Alberta, Canada, Hon Kelechi Madu(Kaycee)

He is from Mbaise in Imo state, Nigeria. A young guy in our age group(those born in the early ’70s), had a law degree from the University of Lagos. Not up to 2 decades, he arrived in Canada like me in search of greener pasture(the pasture wey we no see sef). Struggled in different fields of endeavour to make ends meet but were unsuccessful until he joined the United Conservative Party of Canada. Lucky for him his first chase for office as an MLA got him into the Alberta Parliament. Thanks to the Ibos in Alberta who made it possible. Sworn in as a minister in August 2020 and was stripped of his ministerial post this week. It’s a piece of sad news to us all here.

His Sin/Offence:

Not like in Nigeria where a minister gets his driver, here na you go drive yourself no matter your rank or office. He was driving south of the city (Edmonton) along a street in a school zone when he was ticketed ($300 traffic violation fine(…me, I don collect ticket too about 4 times). Instead of him to waka jeje go pay the money. He decided to call the Police Chief to tell him that he was ticketed. In this country place we dey, it is a big Conflict of Interest that he committed mistakenly and it is against the law to use your position to influence things. He no shout oh nor abuse the police chief. He just called him to notify him that his boys ticketed him. He forgot that he is not in Nigeria. It was the phone call he made to the police chief that got him fired. Had he quietly waka jeje to the municipal office and pay that $300 fine for violating the traffic law, it won’t have been an exit from Cabinet. He is the first black man and first Nigerian to be a minister in Alberta, Canada and the first Nigerian to be a minister in Canada.

Source: Mayor Macanthony Nwanebi Wall

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