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Vitus Ozoke
I’m not sure proposing a rematch to a man barely 6 hours after they beat the hell out of you in a fight is a sensible thing to do. Take your time, do a postmortem assessment of the fight, find out what went wrong in your strategy and execution, decide whether they are fixable and within what time frame, and then decide.
I understand the pain and lost pride of being pummeled and dethroned. But what is going to be even more painful is to be repummeled by the same man before a bigger audience in a very short order.
Brother AJ is a world champ. Nobody can dispute that. But I’m afraid he was thoroughly outclassed by Usyk last night. Like the blind wheel of life, these belts and titles rotate. Smart fighters know when they are in and when they are out of that rotation. Don’t force yourself into a rotation or, for that matter, try to spin the blind wheel of life.
Maybe it’s time for Brother AJ to get into a different phase of life rotation. Who says he has to fight his whole life? If he must, then let’s get him to fight the real enemies, enemies of the people, Nigerian politicians.
AJ will be a force of nature in his home Nigerian state of Ogun. Let him return to Ogun and run for governor. He will win. Nobody wants to mess with a hurricane. He might just be the revolution that is needed in Nigeria.
Enough of the punches and the brain traumas. Parkinson and dementia are real diseases. Save whatever is left of your brain cells and go fight the fight that can change people’s lives. Return to your roots and rebuild a failed state. Who knows? President Anthony Joshua may be in the cards. Who knows?

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