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“The same people who did not believe in Buhari saying that he had no capacity are the ones in his government today.

“Those of us in the struggle for CPC who introduced him,who supported him and made him popular were not carried along. We were sidelined. One minister who knows me very well pitied me.

“later I was appointed a board member of the federal medical centre,Owerri , but I rejected it. I was Chairman of a party and appointed people into various positions, now, they are Minister and in different positions and you are making me a member of the board of a medical centre?

They wanted to disgrace and humiliate me, I am not desperate

“I finally met Buhari in July last year, I gave him advice, I told him most of what they told him that farmers were producing tons of this and that is a lie.

“All the money was going into private pocket I told him. That was what I told him. I am sorry I rejected the appointment that was given to me by Aussie he felt it was a humiliation. He then said I should give my CV to Tunde,his secretary and his secretary and Tunde sent somebody to my house to collect…..Nobody called me up till now

” Buhari abandoned CPC members, he thrown out Buba Galadima, Sule Hamman was thrown out… We have the worst senator and reps members in the history of the World.

They are rubber stamps. They have no conscience. They are after what they will get for their pockets.

” I started the CPC, I registered the party. I turned my four storey building in Utako to the party secreretariat. I approached many people to assist with the running of the party but they were not forth coming. I sold my house in Jabi for #92m, the whole money went into running the Party. I bought 40 Vechicles for the Party and opened offices across the country.

“APC has done nothing to win 2023 election, they plan to rig, rigging doesn’t take place on election day. It take places before then. This Electoral Amendment is for rigging’.

Source: Ayo Ojeniyi’s page.

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