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Yewa North Patriotic Forum (YNPF) has condemned the RE-ARREST of Pastor Kunle Garb and Mr. Benjamin Amosu, his interpreter, this Thursday in Benin Republic, after court proceedings. Information has it that the Benin Republic Government ordered the re-arrest .

The President of YNPF, Comrade Omobolaji Oluwafisayomi Sanni, in a statement issued this afternoon, said the people of Yewa North and YNPF members were shocked to receive report of the unjust re-arrest of Pastor Kunle Garb and Mr Benjamin Amosu by the Benin Republic Government. Still battling to come to terms with the initial illegal arrest, an outright abberation itself, which subjected the community defender to untold psychological torture for 7 days before he was let off on Wednesday evening, this latest development comes with a ruder astonishment.

The statement reads in part: “Benin Republic Government has encrouched Nigeria Land over 40 miles inwardly at Igbokofi, Yewa North Local Government Council Area, Ogun State and Pastor Kunle Garb has been in defence of the Nigerian territory against Benin Republic Government, that is why they arrest him since last week thursday and released him yesterday, it is a shocking news that Benin Republic Government has re-arrested Pastor Kunle Garb and his interpreter Mr. Benjamin Amosu”.

“This audaciously aggressive decision of the Benin Republic Government had met a counter action from the YNPF leading to a lawful protest action stating clearly the demand for the reversal of the land encroachment by Benin Republic Government. This action is now part of the charges leveled against Pastor Garb in Benin Republic Court”.

“The Benin Republic Government, rather than addressing the issue, has made a war declaration on the innocent man of God and his interpreter leading to an unlawful arrest.

“It has been gathered that Pastor Kunle Garb and his interpreter Mr. Benjamin Amosu has been taken to prison in Ajase, Port Novo Area of Benin Republic.

“We are not caught by surprise as the government of Benin Republic is popularly known for its infamous harassment of such irrational victimisation of our dear families and relatives in Igbokofi, Yewa North Local Government Area, Ogun State, Nigeria.

“This backward reaction of our neighbouring country is therefore totally condemned and equally rejected by the Yewa North Patriotic Forum (YNPF) members with all assurance that all legal and political actions shall be taken to fight this course.

“We, therefore, again, call on the State Government and Federal Government to sanction Benin Republic Government for this uncordial and barbaric action against the Nigerian citizens and prosecute the oppressive culprits without delay before our people retort to self help.

“We make a clarion call on all Labour Unions, Civil Societies, human rights organisations, traditional rulers and well meaning Nigerians to join in the fight against this arrant injustice.” YNPF stated.

Sanni Omobolaji O.
For: Yewa North Patriotic Forum

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