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: Dr. Yemisi Bamgbose. 
It is those who are prone to committing  errors that enjoy celebrating mistakes of others. I have been part of many high profile broadcast of Governors and many top Government functionaries. I produced or co-produced many live and pre-recorded broadcasts of Governors both military and civilian. I can boldly say without mincing words that NONE IS ERROR FREE.I have produced recorded broadcasts of Commissioners that are Professors and other academic scholars either to mark one International day or the other. I have interviewed or been part of recording crews of many Vice Chancellors, or Registrars for the purposes of documentaries or features. I have participated in pre- broadcast programmes of many media Chief Executives. One thing is common among all of them. They are prone to making mistakes. They all made mistakes at every point of recording most especially long speeches of Governors and Chief Executive officers. Our job as broadcast managers is to edit by removing portions that contain the mistakes and replace with the corrected version. Correct versions are not manufactured outside the recording scene. It is done immediately a mistake is observed. That is why the recording of the Governor’s broadcast is not easy. You begin, you stop ( cut) ,you roll tape, you cut, you take 2, you take 3. These are common professional jargons in recording a broadcast. It may be a little bit easier for radio broadcast, it is not so easy with television recordings. At the point of editing, unnoticed errors are observed by those who were not present at the point of recording, necessary editings are made when such situations occur.Anywhere there is pre- broadcast recoding, there is not always an error free delivery. It is CHILDISH for anyone to circulate the mistakes that have been corrected at the point of recording or a portion of the recording process of a broadcast that had been edited out of the broadcast version. It is indeed belittling for anyone to circulate what is even not a ‘hot mic’ moment from a production footage.Governor Dapo Abiodun will not be the first to pause and re-take a portion or more during pre-broadcast recordings. It is a normal occurrence. It will continue to happen with all mortals, because we are  not infallible. A lot of mistakes are committed behind the scene in speech delivery that involves live or recorded broadcasts. It is also a big shame on whoever that hacked into the server of OGTV to copy the raw material of the pre- broadcast recoding of Mr.Governor.  That is one of the dangerous aspects of ICT. It is an attempt to discredit the new leadership and perhaps the management of the Ogun State Television. This is the first time such a grade A material will be made public without due authorisation. Whether a saboteur from within OGTV or an expert hacker from outside, although what they have leaked out is a sensitive material, yet it has no meaning to any intelligent person.

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