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Never a sprint. It’s a RACE

Today, I have decided to pen my thoughts about governance and politics, from my most recent experiences, within and outside Abeokuta. I have always known it’s never a sprint, I have always known it’s never a dash, I have always known it’s never a flash, it’s a journey and a long walk.

Today, I have seen and gone over many waters in the last 365 days and more, and it has been awesome going on this journey, a journey of commitment to serving the people and committing to being the shoulders for my people to lean on and the platform for my people to step on.

Today, I am truly and really grateful for I have made more friends, and may be some enemies too. In all however, I am much better, much stronger, much bigger, more focused and more resolute of that which is to come and that God Almighty can make to come.

Today, I am happy and full of praises for the opportunity to touch lives, the opportunity to affect lives, the opportunity to impact lives and the opportunity to be a blessing to many. From Imala to Ikereku, from Iyana Idi Ori to Ori Omi, from Ago-Ika to Ijaale, I thank God that I was given the opportunity by the Almighty to put a smile on the faces of some of the most vulnerable, the grassroots, that ordinary man and woman and the elderly in and around Abeokuta North LGA.

Today, as I looked back to the first intervention where over 2,000 people; women, youth and men gathered at the ancestral Pa Omolaja Sodipo compound in Ikereku during the lockdown and we gave of the little we have and they at least had something and the opportunity to bless God for sending someone. And I was sent and I thank God I showed up.

Today, when I consider how disruptively we engaged very limited resources to create massive impact, I am in awe of what could be with the opportunity of having so much that abound in our nation. Transformation, real transformation and empowerment can then be achieved and cease to be a mirage.

Today, I say we ran a beautiful, impactful and engaging campaign, simply professional and creative. Resounding and leaving no one in doubt that there’s a name Lanre Oyegbola-Sodipo (LOS), it made the marks and pushed all boundaries, God just kept opening doors and even those who thought we had no wings to sail soon realized LOS is the name to watch.

This is one in the series of my many posts that shall come to chronicle my experience in active politicking and more importantly in running a campaign that was engaging enough to galvanize a movement across every strata of the population; the educated, the not so educated, the poor, the lowly, the average, the haves and the have nots. It is just an amazing journey and experience. And surely, a journey at that worth embarking.

Lanre Oyegbola-Sodipo
Abeokuta North
APC Ogun State Chapter

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