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People of Benin Republic are currently at the polls for the country’s presidential election.

The incumbent President, Patrice Talon and his Vice-President, Talata are also vying for second term.

Other two candidates in the race against Talon are little known former members of Parliament, Allansane Soumanou and Corentin kohoue.

Critics to the government of Talon have accussed him of rigging the election by disqualifying his strongest opponents from contesting.

It was reported that more prominent opposition figures were disqualified by electoral reforms or lived in exile for threat or fear of prison sentences

Newslife gatthered that Talon had initially vowed to serve only one term.

He is seen as the favourite to win five more years in office.

Violence have been witnessed before today’s presidential election. It was reported that two people died when soldiers intervened in a demonstration that took place in Save’ on Thursday.

Romain kakpo President of ,U.B.E.N,Ogun State Chapter

Meanwhile, the President of Union of Beninese Residents in Nigeria, U.B.E.N, Ogun State chapter, Romain kakpo has implored voters in today’s election to re-elect President Patrice Talon/ Talata for second term so as to ensure the continuity and completion of on-going impctful projects and reforms , as well as consolidation of Progressive anddevelopmental strides in all spheres of the nation being done by the admission of President Talon in the country.

He also called on his fellow Beninese in and outside the country not to allow anybody to use them as Canon-fodder during and after the election.

Addditioal report: BBC pidgin.

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