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The Ogun State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists has petitioned the Assistant Inspector General of Police, zone 2, the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State Command over what the Union termed as harassment of some of the executive members of the Union in the State by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ihebom Chukwuma.
The Union in a petition signed by its Chairman, Comrade Soji Amosu and Secretary, Comrade Ayokunle Ewuoso alleged that the state Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of criminal matter has been harassing its executive and some members with detention in a matter that has already been determined by court of competent jurisdiction.
Read the petition belowWe wish to bring to your notice the biased position of the Deputy Commissioner of Police and head Criminal Investigation Department of Nigeria Police, Ogun State Command, DCP Ihebom Chukwuma, in a matter between some Executive members of the Union and Comrade Remi Olugbenro.The Ogun State Council of NUJ has been crisis ridden for about two years now.This man made challenges followed the outcome of the elections conducted on March 29th, 2019, which resulted into legal battle, with the court settling the issue on February 24th, 2021, in a judgment in our favour.Prior to the judgment of February 24th, the Court had on November 2019 given a restraining order against the defendants who included the National President of NUJ, Chris Isiguizo, the CWC of NUJ, the NEC of NUJ and others, including Remi Olugbenro from tampering with the elections of the applicants, Soji Amosu (Chairman), Kunle Olayeni (Vice Chairman), Kunle Ewuoso (Secretary) and Abiodun Taiwo (Assistant Secretary) pending the final determination of the originating summon.The February 24th, 2021 judgement put a zeal on the whole matter.However on Monday March1st, 2021, some of the judgment debtors, Remi Olugbenro, Wale Oluokun, Omolola Adeyinka, were seen at the Secretariat of the NUJ in company of some of their followers, came to our office, demanding that we va cate the office for them, claiming to have filed an appeal against the February 24 ruling.Our response was so simple, we told them to wait for the appeal court decision before taken any step.To our amazement, the duo of Remi Olugbenro and Omolola Adeyinka started making spurious allegations against the Executive members that they were assaulted by thugs during their visit to the secretariat.The matter was reported at Ibara Police station, before it was transferred to the police command headquarters in Eleweran.At the headquarters, the Commissioner of Police in the State, Mr Edward Ajogun invited the two parties and after interrogating the judgement debtor, Remi Olugbenro, he told her that the matter complained of is ‘trivial’, since there was no physical sign of assault, (if there was any at all), and that he would never take such issue to court.Upon insistence by her that she wanted the case taken to court at all cost, the Commissioner instructed one of his deputies, DCP Ihebom Chukwuma to do further investigation on the caseThe DCP Ihebom Chukwuma, was directly handling the matter and his position necessitated this petition.As a law abiding citizen who believes in rule of law, we have painstakingly pursued our grievances according to the dictate of law and order. We were justified in our belief in rule of law when the court gave us victory on February 24, but to our amazement, what Remi Olugbenro could not got at the court, she thought she could get it by using Police to harass us.The National President of NUJ, Chris Isiguizo is one of the judgment debtor, but what we found out is that he had been indirectly using DCP Ihebom to harass and intimidate those of us that took him to court.We have also found out that the National President has turned the matter to a tribal issue, as our findings show that he had been communicating with DCP Ihebom Chukwuma, feeding him with lies, a situation where the judgment debtor, Remi Olugbenro now turn to an heroine. The DCP had attempted to detain the Chairman, Comrade Soji Amosu and one member, Comrade Sina Oduntan on Thursday 18th March, 2021. The DCP Ihebom has continued to threaten us with illegal detention.What we have expected was the Police to have remained neutral, or better still, be professional in the matter. The DCP made a U-turn (when he could not get any reason for our prosecution as to the assault case) and raised what he termed as “malicious damage”.There is no way a landlord will break into his own house, we have been the legally elected Executive of the Union in the State, the court affirms it, and we had been in the office since.The use of Police to harass the executive members, because of the tribal relationship of one of the Judgment debtor, Chris Isiguizo with DCP Ihebom Chukwuma, is against our fundamental human right, and this is why we have approached the Federal High Court in Abeokuta, a matter that is fixed for April 15, 2021 for mention, yet the DCP continue to harass us.The DCP even went further to pick holes in the injunction and the judgment of the court which pronounced us as the legal occupants of the Union offices.We therefore state that DCP Ihebom Chukwuma, is biased in handling the assault matter, as we have heard from very authoritative source that he had concluded in his mind to come out with trump up charges against us.This is our story.We plead for your urgent intervention in the matter.Thank youSoji Amosu                                                                                 Chairman     Ayokunle Ewuoso                                                                           Secretary

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