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An officer of the Nigeria Police,Celestine Obot Williams, will never forget February 16, 2021 in his life as he was reinstated into the service after 21 years of wrongful dismissal from the Nigeria Police.

Williams,who is from Ini Local Government area of Akwa Ibom State was recalled,promoted to the rank of Assistant Supritendent of Police from June 11, 2020.

The story of his re-iinstatement began in 2020, when he submitted a petition to the Senator repsenting Akwa Ibom North East Senatorial District, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan, requesting for his re-iinstatement for wrongful dissimisal .

In the petition, Albert Akpan requested the Senate to intervene in view of the fact that the Police wireless message attached to his request revealed that the appellant, who at that time of his sack was a Constable and was not tried but sacked for an undisclosed offence.

The Senate upon this, recommended his re-instatement and promotion to the rank at par with his mates. After due investigation and deliberations by the Police Service Commission, Williams was accordingly reinstated on May 2017 but not at his due rank.

Speaking on the re-instatement and subquent promotion of mr.william , Senator Albert praised President Mohammed Buhari for the remarkable work and the leadership of the National Assembly for taking positive action on the petition from his constituency.

He equally appreciated the Police Service Commission for the commitment to the resolution of the matter, the Inspection- General of Police, the entire Police and others who played their part by standing up for Justice.

The highly elated ASP Williams has been posted to zone 6, Calabar,Cross River and he is to be paid all his arrears and entitlements for the last 21years.

He also received a gift of a vechicle from Senator Albert to aid his movement in the discharge of his duties.

Source: A.Y.ojeniyi pg.

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