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Life experiences for all of us are  diverse chapters; some of which are so fascinating and captivating that we are emotionally attached to them even in our minds as long as we live. In the actual sense, our experiences can be said to be the culmilative impact of the people we meet and the events surrounding those encounters.  Hence, the memories of such people and the related events are inseparable, they have become a part of history; our history!

Indeed, beautiful house may bring joy to its owner, but it  will crumble someday. Having a fine career is a lofty achievement, but it will  be over one day. Superb health is bound to decline, great achievements are bound to be surpassed. But friendship remains immutable and when  it is truly acquired, the experience is a foretaste of the world to come.

It was a moment of joy for all at the KIrikiri Correctional Center on the 8th of February,2021 as the veteran actress Madam Idowu Philips also known as Iya Rainbow came for a visit. The wardens as well as the inmates appreciated her coming. Iya Rainbow  on her part did not fail to pray her heart out for the restoration of hope for all inmates, divine guidance for the wardens and she also appreciated God for granting His servant Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe the grace to soldier on in the face of an unholy conspiracy. She commended his courageous attitude even in a time as this.

This show of solidarity speaks volumes of Madam Idowu Philips as a true mother with a heart of gold and an authentic leader. She has demonstrated in all sincerity that true relationship  goes beyond  the moment of peace and prosperity in human experience.

Of a truth, the actress is a  familiar face in most of the events at Celestial Church of Christ Genesis Global parish, but her decision to visit the man of God at the Correctional Center is an encouragement.

Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe is a man who values the importance of friendship, he has developed over the years genuine relationship in such  a way that most of his friends are like family. Irrespective of age, race or gender, Prophet Ogundipe’s love for others has positioned him as a likable personality to many.

His personality enthuses anyone who works for or with him. Being with him makes a special occasion, knowing him is an enriching experience. He is delightful a company , full of charm, and of a large heart. He has made people one of the key factors of his existence and that brings you into the picture. He with truthfulness of mind expresses a kind of magnetism. This is attributed to his victorious, incontrovertible habituaness, a touchstone and norm you are welcome to share!

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