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Few weeks ago, my secondary school French teacher who was also class teacher in class 1c at Lisabi Grammar School, Abeokuta sent me this picture with a short note saying “Memories are made of these. My commissioner on stage in those days”. Those days in this context actually refer to 1979 (secondary class 1) when I developed interest in music/French club with French song. The French folk song whose chorus I was singing titled “Pendént lés vaćancé” which is translated as “during the holidays “.
The song is about a young school boy pleading with his female classmate who is going to spend her holiday in town not to abandon him in thought during the holidays. 
My early interest in French songs and dramas developed when I was 13 which cumulated in a drama I composed titled; “Là filé dù roí” which means “the daughter of a king”.
In 1982, I won my first international travel award in secondary school class 3 courtesy of Nigerian Association of French Teachers (NAFT) to École normalè Superior Atakpmé, Togo, West Africa. 
I still think that my potential in music, comedy and acting has been left untapped and will be activated if need arises!!!

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