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1.Jerry John Rawlings was born on June 22,1947 in Accra , Ghana by a Scottish father and a Ghanaian mother.

2.Aftee he finished his studies from a Military Academy at Teshie, Rawlings became a lieutenant in Ghanaian Airforce in 1969.

3.Rawling staged his first coup in Ghana on May 7, 1979. The coup was not successful. He was arrrested, court-martialed and publicly sentenced to death.

4.He was part of the free Africa Movement a clandestine group of military officers who worked to unify Africa through military putschs .

5.On June 7, 1979, a group of soldiers sympathetic to his ideals and cause facilitated his freedom from Prison.

6.He led anothee coup, overthrown Gen. Fred Akuffo and the Supreme Military Council. He put in place the Armed forces Revolutionary Council headed by him.

7.Flight- Lieutanant Rawlings ruled for nearly 4months and supervised the execution of Military officers, former Ghanaian heads of state and others

8.He returned power peacefully to an elected government on september 24,1979

9.0n December 31,1981, Rawlings staged another putsch , ousting President Hilla Limann.

10.He resigned from the military in 1992 and contested under National Democratic Congress (The symbol of the Party was like an Umbrella) to become Civilian President.

11.He served for two terms before endorsing his Vice-President, John Atta Mills for the President’s seat.

12.Rawlings waa married to Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings, who was the first woman to run for presidential election in Ghana.

13.He was the first President of the 4th Republic in Ghana.

14. He died at 10:10 am on Thursday 12, November 2020 at the Korle – Bu Teaching Hospital where he was receiving treatment after a short illness.

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