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demanding for justice over the death of their son, Oladokun Felix Oluwadamilare who was murdered in cold blood on Wednesday 21st of October 2020 by the Dpo of Atan Ota divisional headquarters in Ogun state. 
Oluwadamilare was a butcher before his untimely death. He was shot at close range on the neck by the police. According to eyewitness account, the incident happened when the DPO was trying to disperse peaceful protesters from lawful assembly at the Atan Agbara junction. 


The policemen, led by the Dpo began to shot in order to disperse protesters. In the process, Oluwadamilare who was sent to collect money from some customers and was riding on a motorcycle was hit by one of the police bullet and died on the spot. 

The DPO later claimed the deceased was a suspected armed robber. 

The journalists who visited the family  house of Oluwadamilare at 2, Olaniyi Avenue, Oluyomi, Palace Road, Atan Ota Ogun State, had a chat with the father of the deceased Evangelist Amos Oladokun. 

The deacesed father who was not composed at the time of the interview spoke in tears. He said, my son, Oluwadamilare is never a criminal. He’s a butcher like myself before I was called to serve God. he used to be a calm son and always had respect for everyone. You can ask people here about him, they will tell you he’s not a trouble maker. I was surprised when the Dpo referred to my son as suspected armed robber. I want the inspector general of police to investigate this matter because I want justice over the death of my son who is just 26 years old. He can never die in vain, justice must prevail. 

Speaking with the mother of the deceased, Mrs Dorcas Oladokun, who was also in tears said the death of  Damilare came as a shock to her because she never believed her son who was full of vision could die just like that. She stated further that Damilare was the bread winner of the family and also  hardworking. 

Members of Christ Gospel Witness Church where the late Oluwadamilare worshipped before his untimely death also spoke about how painful the death was to the entire church. 

According to one miss Oluwadamilola who was church member with the deceased said, Damilare was a gentle man to the core. He was dedicated and was one of the members of the boys scouts of Nigeria. 

Brother Damilare, no it’s not true you have gone said another member who doesn’t want his name in print. 

When the journalists visited the Atan Ota butchery house for more investigation what transpired bwtween the deceased, the chairman of the Butchery Association, Ahaji shittu Akeem, confirmed that Damilare was not a criminal nor took part in any protest. He further stated that  the deceased was sent to collect money from customers before he met his untimely death.

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